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The energy of Summer

30th June 2023 - Awaken your senses, connect with community, celebrate each other, move your energy & trust the ebb and flow.

Dear reader, Happy to write to you after a little break from here. Life has been such an adventure in the last few months, filled with facilitation, in person work in the community, a sensational holiday to Morocco, a magical professional trip to Spain, a few cherished new clients and lots of BIG plans in my personal life. Because you probably won't want to read a whole roman right now, I decided to capture a few of my reflections on tapping into the energy of Summer: Awaken your senses. This season is blooming with life, go smell the flowers, taste the fresh produce, listen to the birds, feel the grass under your feet, watch the sunset. The more you fully enjoy the present moment and acknowledge your gratitude, the more your life starts to bloom. Connect with community. Summer is the season to get out there and as we all have different needs in our social lives, we all need connection. We are social beings and we are stronger together. Maybe this is a time for you to try out new places or activities to find your tribe. Celebrate each other. There's plenty for all of us and the more we are celebrated, the more confidence we build up to take up space, be ourselves, share our talents, speak our truths, and love fully. The world needs more of this and the sun is ready for garden parties. Move your energy. Feel into your body and notice how it wants to move, the more you practice following your impulses, the more natural it will become in your being to sing, dance, speak up, stretch, take a break, rest, walk, run, act silly, be more of yourself. It's hard to dance wildly without smiling. Trust the ebb and flow. As active as the world gets, you always need rest. Both our highs and our lows need time for our minds, bodies and souls to process and integrate. Thank you for your time and your heart in reading.

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