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Group facilitation


You can find the link below to any of my scheduled online and in person events. Alternatively, you can contact me to facilitate group coaching sessions and workshops in themes ranging from life, workplace, job seeking and overall wellness. 


As an active promoter of health & wellbeing, I implement mindfulness and elements of neuroscience in my practices to provide a holistic service. Clients will be enabled to connect to themselves and others so that they can make healthy and conscious choices for their own wellbeing to support their energy. 


Click here to see future events.


You can book a discovery session to find out if I’m a good fit to

do this work together with your group or team.


Connect with me here to ask me questions or share your message.

Feel free to contact me or schedule a free discovery session


Online and in person Events

Find out about future workshop and events on Eventbrite by clicking the button below.

What to expect in a mindful gathering ?

These mindful gatherings are an opportunity to slow down and prioritise your self-care. We will hold space to tend to your sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Setting an intention and moving away from judgment with gentle encouragement to raise your awareness will support your way forward.

All of you is welcome in this open space to share, connect or be with yourself.

  • mindfulness exercises

  • breathwork and guided meditation

  • powerful questions

  • journaling​ and reflective practice

  • sharing circle

  • mindset tools

  • readings

  • intention setting 

Our practice might include:

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