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Live in tune & in connection

Come home
to yourself

12-week online programme

A group process welcoming you to show up as yourself in a like-minded space.

This course takes a mindful & intuitive approach to guide and connect you to live in tune with your emotions, inner critical voice, natural rhythm, values, intentions and nervous system.

Find your way home to your mind, body and spirit.

Benefits you will take away from the programme

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness by getting to know the different parts of yourself

  • Integrate healthy lifestyle habits and supportive self-care practices into your daily life

  • Build a stronger connection and enhance the relationship with yourself and others

  • Grow your confidence and self-esteem with aligned and intentional action steps

  • Become clear on your boundaries and needs to feel self-assured when saying 'yes' and 'no'

  • Turn self-criticism into fruitful curiosity with mindfulness and self-compassion

  • Befriend your inner voice and the values that inform your decisions in life

" The more you connect to yourself, the more you can connect with the world around you "

Wondering if this programme is for you right now ? 

You might ...

  • desire change in your life but feel stuck overthinking.

  • struggle to say no or express what you want or need.

  • find yourself distracted or restless throughout the day.

  • put pressure on yourself to do more or be better.

  • self-sabotage your efforts to implement new ways of living that you know will make you feel good.

  • judge yourself or compare yourself to others.

  • hold a lot of tension or feel disconnected from your body or feelings.

  • find it hard to trust yourself or others.

  • struggle to process difficult feelings like anger, sadness, frustration, grief, disappointment, loneliness, rejection, ...

  • want to feel and act more like yourself.

  • be curious about learning more about your mind, your body and your nature to develop a more sustainable way of living.

" We may not be responsible for the world that created your mind, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world " Gabor Mate

Course format

This 12-week online programme is a combination of course content, group practice work, mindfulness sessions and one-on-one coaching support alongside your individual process.

Dates for your calendar

(1 commitment a week):

week night mindfulness

(7:30 pm - 10 pm Irish time)

3 Weekdays

course content days

(10 am - 4 pm Irish time)

3 Saturdays

week night group practice

(7:30 pm - 10 pm Irish time)

3 Weekdays

1:1 coaching support

(60-90 mins)

3 individual sessions to schedule on weekdays

* discuss options with me to accommodate your schedule where needed and possible *

" Surrender to what is. Say 'yes' to life & see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you" Eckhart Tolle

Investment: € 555

(monthly payment plan available at no extra cost)

Connect with me freely to ask more about this programme,

register your interest or to book your spot & join in.

Before you decide to join, you have the opportunity to get a sense of me and explore if this programme is the right fit for you in an open conversation.


This is not a salesy chat, but an important discovery for both of us to make sure everyone in the group feels comfortable to grow in this space.

" If we could think our way out of our suffering,  we would have done it by now"

Learning modules

Throughout the course you will be moved through different modalities and encouraged to weave these teachings into your own lives for a deep learning experience. Attention is given to how any of this material relates back to you.

Module 1 - Your mindful observer

Find space between your thoughts, feelings and emotions and a better understanding of your internal and external world. Familiarise yourself with mindfulness techniques, meditation, breathing exercises to drop from your head into your heart and body.

Module 2 - In tune with your nervous system

Learn to track your nervous system and regulate yourself when navigating challenging situations or feelings informed by polyvagal theory. Stop your thinking from getting in the way and start feeling more connected to your body.

Module 3 - In tune with your natural rhythm

To build a relationship with your cyclical nature, you will be invited to connect to the cycles you feel strongly towards. This is an opportunity to learn about the rhythm of the day, the seasons of the year, your menstrual cycle (if you have one), sleep, the influence of the moon and to identify your inner seasons.

Module 4 - Befriending your inner critic

Get to know the different parts of yourself and the voice of your inner critic. Connect to your own inner voice to move from a place of judgment to one of curiosity and compassion.

Module 5 - In tune with your values

Tap into your inner voice and bring to light your values, hopes and dreams, needs and wants to find your way. Become clear on your boundaries and your drivers in relationships or decision making. Move forward authentically with confidence.

The aim of journeying this supportive group process is for you to have an embodied understanding of these topics at the end of it.

One-on-one support allows you to dive deeper in your own personal progress.


Online Events

Find my future online workshop and events on Eventbrite by clicking the button below.

Come home to yourself 

6-month online programme

A more in depth group process to developing

connection and a life in tune with yourself.

Investment: € 1.110

(payment plan available)


More info coming soon!

Connect with me to register your interest or ask me more about this programme.

* all courses for individuals aged 18 and above *

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