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One at a time

9th March 2023 - Balance planning and staying present

Dear reader, How do you stay present? My calendar for the next few months is filling at a pace that is anything but slow. There is so much future to be looking forward to and that involves planning and practical stuff to figure out. And as I'm envisioning what it all will look like, life is happening at the same time right now. When I'm connecting, doing, living, deciding, changing, my system then requires time to decompress and process. So as I sit and reflect, my focus moves towards what's already happened. So when am I really here? Life is not happening to me, I'm the one making it happen and the more I notice it, the more I can really enjoy it. The key is observing where my focus goes and that is my choice. So as often as possible, I check in with myself and try to notice what my body is telling me apart from my mind. When my inner critic is coming up with stress and worry, I try to stay present with this voice and become curious about what information is useful or actionable. I say try, to drop the pressure of being perfect at this, there's the occasional existential crisis :) Some past experiences have taught me to make different choices that feel better and more balanced. Making future plans can actually be useful to stay present. I decided to sit down with my calendar and put everything down I can think of. Instead of overwhelming myself with how to 'do it all', I can now tend to life one month at a time, one week at a time, one day at a time, one commitment at a time. And in between, I can feel, breathe, move, be! Your crossed fingers seem to be working and we are a few steps closer to settling in our new home. I'm dreaming up my little wellness space to host some small in person gatherings as I might not be the only one craving more time offline. Something special about being in the presence of others, but I have felt quite moved by real heartfelt connections that we can tap into online. And I love that we can all be present here whilst 'here' is your own part of the world. Looking forward to seeing some of you before my time away under the sun at the end of the month.

We don't have a telly and generally only do the occasional movie night, but I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for this one. Can you spot me in the cast? I had so much fun being told what to do for the day as an extra whilst meeting lovely people - it was actually so refreshing not to be in charge or having to know what's going on :D p.s. do let me know if there's any topics or practices you'd like me to include in my work or writing, I'd love to connect and so appreciate your feedback always.

I'm so grateful that I'm able to do more and more of this work and continue to build my practice. Receiving client feedback like this absolutely warms my heart and reminds me to keep going because I absolutely LOVE the hearts of people. These words might give a sense of the space held in my gatherings:

"May I just thank you for the beautiful container you created last night! I'm already taking my day slower and it feels good. Thank you for making space for our inputs (I love sharing my views, most of the time)."

"Thank you so much! I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but the evening flowed so naturally. You're an amazing facilitator to open up conversations. So interesting and I'm super inspired to talk about new topics that will help me find more understanding for myself and others. Big hugs!"

"Hey Jenn, thank you again for the invite. It was a beautiful evening, and a privilege that people shared from the heart. Another take home for me was letting in the light of newness. Love your insights!"

"It was such a lovely space and you are just fantastic - Thank you so much, Your session last week was just fabulous! Even today when I was overwhelmed, the symbolism came back to mind and it is just so interesting what you take away and what sticks with you. You really are a natural facilitator."

"What a beautiful evening full of insights! Together with other strong women we shared our deepest desires and feelings. How nourishing to be allowed to be yourself without judgments. Valuable and powerful session!"

"Thanks so much for a wonderful session last night. It really helped me release a lot of feelings and I felt so floaty and calm after. Really appreciate you including me."

I couldn't create this without you, thank you thank you thank you!

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