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Feel the feels

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

22nd October 2022

Dear reader,

Today I'm sharing some thoughts on the importance of getting out of our heads and into our hearts. Do you ever find yourself executing a plan or making something happen and you 'should' be feeling great for getting what you want, but somehow you don't? And you end up questioning yourself altogether.

You've probably heard me raging before about gratitude and celebrating our wins and although these 'simple' practices are extremely powerful, we need to make room for what is beneath for this power to work. I should be grateful because ... I should be happy because ... I should be ... because ... are all phrases that hold no magic other than nasty spells. We can't plan how we feel!

If we could think our way out of our suffering,

we would have done it by now!

This sentence keeps coming back to me over the years and I've written it down in multiple journals. The world around us has clever ways of making us believe that the highest form of intelligence is found in our intellectual mind. Somehow we can't trust what we know until research has proven it as fact. Well research has scientifically proven that we can physically change our brain and build new neural pathways by tapping into our senses.

So then can we allow our feelings to have a voice? Can we listen to our body telling us exactly what we need or want right now? Maybe we'll find that often these things are within reach, but we are listening to the other voice telling us to do or want differently.

I have a body.

I have a mind.

I have a soul.

Who is I?

I'll leave that with you to ponder on...

Since last time I wrote to you, conversations on grief have kept coming my way. A few sporadic moments of raw emotion overcame me in the last two weeks and as the tears were painful, the release was calm and beautiful. It felt incredibly powerful and nourishing to give back by hosting an online mindful evening gathering.

You'll notice a few changes in my branding as I'm slowly transforming, and working away on content around my work. Bare with me as I step into the new website journey and make use of some temporary tools instead :). If you've worked with me in the past and feel called to write me a review, it would mean a lot as I just registered my business on Google.

Whenever I actively step into that thing I've been procrastinating, I realize how much I enjoy actually doing it and time and time again that 'should' comes up. Should have done that thing a week, month, year ago, bladibla... none of that this time and just loving the flow I'm in! Can you relate?

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