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Lists and boxes

26th July 2023 - From ticking to do's off the list to easing into relaxation.

Dear reader,

I'd like to share with you my secret love for boxes, fancy packing them, get a kick out of organising them and obsessed with ticking them off lists. Now here is where we might start to wonder if this is a healthy love relationship or more of an attachment :)

With a lot of plates to spin, big life transitions happening simultaneously and managing uncertainty these months, an overdose of organisation has helped me stay regulated with a sense of control. Until I caught myself waking up in the night checking to-do's in my dreams...

Lovely sweet cue for me to RELAX more! So I got obsessive in a good way to plan moments of nothingness and wellness. Regardless of how hectic life ever gets, there's always plenty of excuses to spoil myself and make living it worthwhile.

This is my cue to you to go do something that makes you smile :) There's only so much time in the day and we want to feel good for as many minutes possible. Doing our best is ALWAYS good enough!

I've noticed how it feels so good to just start somewhere and get stuck in the doing instead of the thinking. Starting with a small to do can help get you in the mood for the bigger ones. And starting with a touch of relaxation can ease you into switch off mode.

Out of office has officially been placed on my calendar and I am SO ready to get absolutely loved and love a bunch of women on my hens, move into our own home (I believe it's really happening this time!!), celebrate fullness this full moon on the beach, get married and go off the grid in our camper (no lists allowed!).

Work has been so full and rewarding, I absolutely love what I do, and already so excited to come back to you next month! Some recent feedback from a few different clients has touched and moved me deeply and I feel honoured to make a difference in someone's life.

Thank you for presence here and may life smile at you this Summer!

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