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Finding our way home

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

24th Jan 2023 - Homecoming in body, mind and soul.

Dear reader, Today's read is a reflection on a few years of soul searching. Moving around abroad expanded my definition of home and if you've travelled before, you might relate to this. Settling in different places meant that there was always somewhere to feel homesick for. Nowhere was home anymore, yet home felt like it could be anywhere. And then I learned that it is everywhere, regardless of our place in the world, if we find it once, it never leaves us. We can always go back to the place that is waiting for us in the back of our minds. I suppose it was a real life realisation of that cheesy line 'home is where the heart is'. My home is in the streets of my hometown, under the Australian sky, in the Irish sea, on a mountain top, here in Kilkenny safe with me.

'Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.' - Melissa McClone

When I look back at the start of my love affair with Ireland, I now see that my feeling of homecoming wasn't just the result of my infatuation with the Wild Atlantic Way. Although I love saying that phrase out loud multiple times on a road trip adventure, it sounds so wild. It was really from taking a deep dive into my soul. The reason Ireland felt so much like home is because this is the place where I truly came home to myself. And the homecoming continues as the years go on and as my mind and body welcome me in. Regardless of our place in the world, travelling all continents or never leaving where we were born, we are all trying to find our way home.

If you're curious about exploring my work, I'd be only delighted to connect and chat openly and freely, no salesy vibes allowed :)

Hear me chat with my friend Lisa de Jong on her podcast on being present with our experience, sitting with our feelings and embodiment to integrate learning in feel good practices. Very grateful to her beautiful work for adding shades of colour to my language that help find the right words for both my personal and professional experience. In this short video I shared a few of my thoughts on my relationship with social media. If you feel a bit of the January blues, I highly recommend playing this music when nobody's watching. Trust me, it works! We've booked flights to Morocco and I'm already dreaming of drums, fires and stars.

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