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I'm Jennifer. Wellbeing Coach & Facilitator with an intuitive approach guiding people into wholehearted connection and in tune with themselves and their wellbeing in both life and work.

My practice is based on years of continued personal and professional development and mindfulness with qualifications in advanced personal and business coaching, leadership in workplace health and wellbeing, nervous system regulation, menstrual cycle awareness and NLP.

My mission

'Guiding people to organize their thoughts, find clarity and focus to live their full potential in wholehearted connection with themselves and their wellbeing in both their life and work.'

My values


'walk the talk even when nobody is looking'

'habitually see things from the other’s perspective'

'always learning and learn more by teaching'

'choose to be kind and smile at the world'

'feel the fear and do it anyway'


'forevermore be true in actions and words'

My vision

 ‘A society where people live full lives in authentic relationships with themselves and each other through inner harmony of their body, mind and soul.’


Online and in person Events

Find info and book events, mindful gatherings and

workshops on Eventbrite by clicking the button below.

Jenn is a heart-centred, intuitive and wise facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of last night's online circle.


Jenn created a safe and compassionate space to allow a collective connection to flow within the group, while also insightfully supporting each individual with their personal journeying.


I really look forward to working with Jenn again in the very near future. Thank you so much!

Mia, human, Ireland


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My intention for these emails will be to write from a place of connection with you to share a small piece of my world only once in a while.

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